How did this happen?

Do you know Stack Overflow? That's a great programming question and answer site. It's actually part of a trilogy: Stack Overflow for programmers, Server Fault for system administrators, and Super User for general computer users.

As with every great trilogy, it has more than three parts: The fourth one is Meta Stack Overflow (or “Meta” for short), which is there for questions and discussion about the trilogy sites itself; it's also used as a bug and feature request tracker.

The people on Meta are little crazy. Actually, they are very crazy. Besides Stack Overflow, they also love to discuss waffles, ponies, freehand circles, and, well, unicorns. In January 2010, one user requested that meta Stack Overflow use monsterids instead of identicons as the default avatar for users that don't have a Gravatar set up.

Another user made the following comment:

“But then someone needs to write a MonsterId that creates Unicorns instead.”

And that's what I did, and that's how this came about.